What are the Benefits of Music In Pregnancy?

Many assumptions are circulating in the community that music for pregnant women has many benefits. In fact, it is not uncommon that one particular type of music can make the fetus someday smarter. Pregnant women who intend to do this kind of stimulation should do it more wisely. Until now, experts have not been able to prove that playing music on the fetus can make it smarter. Although on the one hand, pregnant women who listen to music recognized more relaxed and easier to sleep. You can tried out the Spotify Family deal by visiting our website.

Exciting Stimulus
The music can affect a person, including pregnant women. A study conducted in Germany revealed that the response indicated by pregnant women is stronger against the music played than non-pregnant women. The researchers conclude music is a significant stimulus in pregnancy, possibly caused by high levels of estrogen at this time. These hormones affect the brain against pleasure when listening to music. Another researcher mentioned that music is beneficial for pregnant women because it can help relax and make sleep, and the condition is very good for the development and condition of the fetus.

What Can Fetus Be?
Toward the end of the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus can already hear. Experts believe that the fetus can receive sensory information that will then be remembered at some level. In addition to heartbeat, breath, sounds of blood flow and digestive tract in the mother’s body, the fetus can also hear sounds from outside the mother’s body. The possibility of the fetus can recognize and feel comfortable when hearing it again after birth.

Fetal heart rate can increase when he hears the music. Once born, the baby can respond when the music is played regularly. Music is supposed to make mothers feel relaxed and encourage the same feelings when they are played to newborns. Some babies will react by stopping crying, opening their eyes, or doing the little movement.