Watching Movies While Snacking is the Choice

So, do you want to watch the latest Hollywood movies? There are many choices. We can go to one of the existing cinema networks, stream several applications or websites, or wait for the film to be broadcast on cable TV or national private television. When talking about movies or movies theater, AMC ticket prices also become another interesting topic to talk about, especially when you think that choosing AMC means you must prepare the budget. Seeing the variety of ways to access a movie, what makes watching in a cinema still more interesting than in other media?

– Access to the most recent films.
– The widescreen and sound system that supports.
– A big and comfortable place to go to see the crowd.
– Watching in theaters means that we indirectly submit ourselves to the rules imposed by cinema managers, such as:

– Children starting from 3 years old must buy a separate ticket. Cinema managers do not want to know whether the child is sitting in his parents’ seat, or even sleeping, during the movie. The point is that when the officer at the theater entrance sees the child’s physical condition and knows the age of the child has reached 3 years, the child will be asked to buy a separate ticket.
– It is forbidden to record ongoing films in any tool to prevent movie piracy.
– Deactivates the gadget and does not raise your feet on the chair for the convenience of other spectators.

Is selling food and beverages a core business of a cinema network? Not! This snack corner is just a side business from the cinema manager because logically there is an audience who wants to snack while watching a movie that is more than 1.5 hours in duration. The cinema manager makes a snack corner because he sees an opportunity, which is then used to get additional profit by using an area that he has already rented for his business operations.