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Understanding and Hunting History

Hunting is an act of catching, capturing, or killing wild animals to be taken advantage of, either part or all of the game. The man who did the hunting is called: Hunter. If you want to meet some people that have sam hobby like you, then you should join the Best black bear hunts in BC.

Purpose of Hunting

– Defense of life; looking for food to consume.
– Fun, recreation, hobby.
– Trading; selling part or all of the body parts of the game, such as ivory, leather, milk, etc., to make a profit.

The above definition of hunting refers to hunting that does not violate the rules, either by law rules that are applicable and established by the authorities, as well as the laws of conservation and the chain of wildlife ecosystems. Hunters who ignore these are called Wild Hunters, like hunters from a traditional hinterland community of a village or a hunter without a hunting license.

A hunt is said to be illegal, because:

– Contrary to conservation regulations, such as during mating season or outside of time allowed to hunt.
– Hunters use weapons prohibited by law or forbidden by a religion.
– The right to hunt for a certain animal is claimed by someone.
– Using banned hunting methods.
– Targeted prey in legal protection or included in endangered species.
– Target game has been marked as a research object that should not be killed.
– Hunting activities are conducted within restricted or restricted areas.
– Hunters are not licensed to possess weapons and permit hunting activities.

This activity of hunting and gathering of food (food gathering and hunting) has been done since prehistoric human civilization. Hunting and food gathering activities become one of the characteristics of people living in the age of old stone (paleolitikum). The state of the environment is still very wild forming the pattern of life in groups and nomads from one cave to another cave. At this time, humans are very dependent on the availability of natural resources. Hunting is done by men, while women are in charge of collecting food.