Safe Sports Guide for Lung Cancer Patients

Many people think that people who have cancer should not exercise, especially lung cancer patients who have respiratory problems. In fact, exercise can actually help cancer treatment so much more smoothly and effectively. Check out the benefits of exercise for lung cancer on hope4cancer reviews, along with a safe guide on how to exercise.

Exercise is generally considered to only make lung cancer patients become weaker, tired, and difficulty breathing. But basically, this can be adjusted to your condition, which has a body. In fact, many studies have suggested that exercise for lung cancer can make treatment run more smoothly.

One of them is proven in a study published in the journal Translational Lung Cancer Research, which revealed that exercise is very important and must be done in patients with lung cancer. In the journal is known that exercise can actually improve the patient’s immune system, strengthen muscles, and prevent weight loss drastically. In fact, with regular exercise, lung cancer patients can pass better cancer treatment, fewer side effects of treatment, and prevent cancer recurrence in the future.

Even so, the type of exercise for lung cancer cannot be arbitrary. The reason, in addition to susceptible to fatigue, lung cancer patients also have an average problem with breathing. One-one, it makes the patient’s condition worse. Then, what kind of exercise for lung cancer is good and safe? Actually, no patients need to do heavy exercise. Just keep the physical status active every day. You can do light and simple activities such as:

– Gardening
– Use the stairs instead of climbing the escalator or elevator
– Take a leisurely walk with your pet, or it could be with your relatives.

If you want to keep exercising, cancer patients can do sports such as yoga, tai-chi, swimming, and cycling with ease. Avoid doing high-intensity exercise, such as aerobics, because it is risky to cause respiratory problems.