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Recognize the Cause of Leakage on the Roof Home

When it rains, leakage problems are the most frequently present. High rainfall makes the possibility of water entering through the gaps in the roof becomes larger, because of the shift in position caused by the swift rainwater or by the amount of wind that usually coincides with heavy rains. Leakage should be repaired immediately so as not to interfere with the activities of residents of houses or damage to other goods in the home exposed to falling rainwater droplets. Some things that cause leakage on the roof of the house is the shape and size of the gutter of water is usually less appropriate. The gutter is a channel that will drain the water from the roof down, the installation of the gutters should be good as well as with the gutter. In order not to young damaged, choose a high-quality gutter, in addition to the size of the gutters should also be adjusted with the volume of water to be streamed later. The selection of gutters that are too small compared to the volume of water that flows will result in overflow of water on the gutters that will cause leakage. The second cause is from the form of a roof that is too sloping, this event must be considered because the roof is usually too sloping form requires a roof repair expert.

A slope on the roof will determine whether or not the water flows and pours down. The roof that is too sloping will cause slow flowing water so that longer stuck on the roof that can cause leakage. Good roof slope angle is 30 to 40 degrees for rainwater to flow down to the maximum. The third cause, roof cover must be installed properly and carefully so that no gaps that can cause leakage. If you use a roof tile, then install it with the proper technique, so that between one roof tile and another will be able to lock each other and not create a gap. The roof cover should also be selected from a good quality material and installed by a roof repair expert. One more thing you should consider is to keep the risk of leakage, roof cleanliness also needs to get attention, the garbage that is usually mostly found on the roof is the dried foliage with a lot of the leaves will accumulate and can cause blockage of water channels on the gutters so that when the rain comes the water channel can not drain the water perfectly because it is blocked by the garbage will leak. Then how to solve it? You can coat parts of the leak with waterproof, coat also on the connection of small cracks or gaps in the roof as a preventive measure. If you do not quite master the installation technique, you should leave it to the roof repair expert because the installation is not on the expert will actually increase the risk of your roof leak.