Know the weight of the bag that you must carry according to its type

The bag certainly becomes an item that must always be present and taken to someone else. Because the bag will be a place to store the goods and can even support the wearer’s style. So, for women, they will choose a ladies briefcase for their needs and adapt to their various needs.

However, it should also be noted that in carrying various items in a bag, you must pay attention to the weight of the bag. do not let the weight of the goods you carry can make your body feel sick. This weight bag is recommended according to the shape and type.

1. Shoulder bag
You must be aware that using a shoulder bag will certainly make your shoulder become a heavy burden. To use this bag the most appropriate is 10 percent of your body weight. that is if you weigh 50 kilograms, shoulder bag weight should you carry is not more than 5 pounds.

2. Clutch
Because this bag is designed without using a rope, you are required to hold it in your hand. make sure that the weight on the clutch you use is not more than 5 kilograms. If there is a small strap on the clutch you have, then wrist it on your wrist so as not to make the muscles in your hands feel tense.

3. Backpack
Meanwhile, to use this bag is to load not more than 20 percent of your body weight. so that the bag you wear is not too heavy, it is better to use a backpack on your waist so that the weight is more balanced.

From the explanation above, then you should be able to ensure that the bag you use has been in accordance with the suggestion of the weight you should bring when you use it. Because, if the weight on your bag does not match the recommendation, then you could have suffered pain in the shoulder or back because the bag is too heavy and your body cannot accept it.