Know How Nitro Improves Engine Performance

If you are a driver or at least have played racing games like Asphalt, you are certainly familiar with NOS (Nitrous Oxide System). When it is activated, the car will run faster in a certain amount of time. What else do you want to get when dealing with 0-60 times? Go to the site of that so that you will know what info related to the car performance. For your information, the main purpose of the component which is also known as nitrous is to increase the power output of a machine. This, in general, is done by increasing combustion, by increasing oxygen supply.

For this system to operate, the throttle (part of the injection engine that regulates the entry of air into the combustion chamber) must be wide open. When the liquid in the NOS tube enters, ie when nitro is activated by the driver, it will break into two elements: nitrogen and oxygen. Oxygen which then mixes with hydrocarbon compounds such as gasoline or other fuels produces denser compression. Solid compression, as is known together, can increase engine power in an instant.

Oxygen from NOS can produce greater compression because it is more than oxygen in the free air. The oxygen content in NOS is two to three times higher than that in free air. While nitrogen, at this moment it functions as a cooler. The reason is, the temperature in the combustion chamber increases with increasing compression.

Up to this point, we know that the way NOS works is actually simple. He is only limited to spraying gas into the combustion chamber. The gas which then decomposes produces greater amounts of oxygen (and hydrogen). But even so, not all machines can use this component. One factor that must be considered before installing nitrous is to know in advance whether the engine is strong or not.