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Know more about the Blogging and WordPress system in SEO

The WordPress Blogging System is a free media website in the form of blogs with MySQL and PHP-based CMS systems. Until now WordPress became the most widely used free blog in the world. Many use WordPress as a medium for information presentation and even online business. WordPress was chosen because of the ease of its features and also the selection of names that can be made alone. Here are some facts about the WordPress blogging system. Aside from that, don’t forget to call Charles Brian International if you need to boost your website’s rank on the internet.

History of WordPress

Matthew Charles “Matt” Mullenweg cannot be separated from the establishment of WordPress. He is an online media entrepreneur in America who works in the field of web developers. WordPress is made with a private publishing system built with MySQL and PHP programming languages with a GPL license as the successor to b2 / cafelog. WordPress is made with the most stable system with detailed programming languages so that it becomes the most widely used blog in the world. Until now the number of blog users using wordpress has reached 49% in the world.

Benefits of WordPress

The main benefit of wordpress is of course to provide website media that is easy to use so that it can be used to develop business or people innovation in the internet world. This is reflected in the free registration but with quality that is not free or careless.

The superiority of the WordPress

Ease of creating a website that can be used as an online media.

Ease in managing the website without the need to master the science of IT.

Supports Seo, which means that every information submitted will get the best value on the search engine and can top the search list on the first page.

Has many levels of manager access ranging from admin, editor, writer, customer, and contributor. Thus the security of WordPress can rely on both the system and the data in it.

It has a diverse and customizable design. The theme here is provided to facilitate users in creating websites that attract the attention of cyberspace visitors.

Those are some facts that can be presented regarding the WordPress blogging system.