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Effective Ways to Overcome Thinning Hair

For women and men, having thinning hair is certainly very annoying, even worrying. Thinning hair usually refers to low to moderate hair loss. Unlike hair loss in general, thinning hair does not usually cause baldness. It’s just that the hair will look so rare that the scalp is more visible. Thinning hair generally occurs gradually. Therefore, you still have the opportunity to overcome the thin hair you have. Before that, for those of you who are looking for Hairstyles for Black Women, you can visit our website.

Hair thinning occurs because of many factors, be it genetic, lifestyle, or a combination of both. Various hair care products that are not suitable can also trigger you to experience thinning hair. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), normal hair loss or thinning occurs between 50-100 strands of hair per day. Overcoming thin hair is not easy. However, usually, you can still handle it without having to go to the doctor. However, if thinning hair feels annoying and getting worse, then you can consult a doctor to ask for the best treatment. Here are some ways to deal with thin hair:

1. Eat foods that can trigger hair growth
Try to pay attention to the intake of nutrients you eat. Eating foods that contain protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 can stimulate hair growth. Lean meat, green vegetables, nuts, and fish can be included in your daily diet and snack.

2. Massaging the scalp
The easiest and cheapest way to get thicker hair and stop thinning hair is by massaging the scalp. When you shampoo, try to give a little massage when pouring and flattening the shampoo with your fingers. In addition to helping the absorption of shampoo become more optimal, massaging your scalp slowly also serves to smooth the blood flow in the head. This can help encourage new hair growth. By massaging the scalp, dead skin cells that accumulate in the scalp that might trigger hair thinning can also be lifted.