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This Is The Difference Of Vape And Regular Cigarettes In Terms Of Safety

If you are a smoker and still use regular cigarettes more often than vape, then you will usually feel an extraordinary addiction when using these cigarettes. So, there are many people who end up using vape and choosing to turn wax into e liquid.

That way, it will be better for them than using ordinary cigarettes. There are significant differences from ordinary cigarettes and vape that you must know in terms of safety.

Cigarettes are still more dangerous than vape, but the vape is also not safe. Many people use liquids known as e-liquids or e-juice which contain nicotine, but not in high amounts. In the lungs of smokers, there are black spots or spots caused by toxins that enter and attach to the lung.
While electric cigarette is a battery-based inhaler that provides nicotine, which is referred to by WHO as a nicotine electronic delivery system. This electric cigarette uses electricity from battery power to give nicotine in the form of steam.