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Choosing the Hosting Company Based on Your Needs

You will not be able to get the right web host without first recognizing what you need. So before further reading, this article, think about what your needs are. Even though you are sure that can help you get the best service, it would be better to ask these questions.

– What kind of website are you building?
– Do you need a Windows application?
– Do you need special version software like PHP?
– How big is your web traffic volume?
– What platform are you using? WordPress, another platform, or you build your own platform?
– What kind of content do you publish? Will your site show lots of high-resolution videos and photos or mostly text that occasionally has an animated look?
– How many visitors did you receive and how to forecast its growth in the future?
– Where are the majority of visitors or your target audience? Do you need a server in a particular location or geographically distributed hosting?
– What are the support channels you need? Do you want phone service and live chat 24/7 or just by email support outside working hours?