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Beware of Back Pain If This Symptom Comes

Do not assume trivial if you suffer from back pain right or left. Be aware of the various symptoms that accompany back pain in order to determine the next action. Right or left back pain can occur if you fall or lift an object that is too heavy. Back pain can also occur suddenly and worsens with time. If you have right or left back pain, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately you can also visit, especially if you also experience symptoms as below:

– Back pain to the right or left spread to the leg area, especially below the knee. It may be a sign that you have a disc hernia (a nerve buffer in the spinal cavity), a prominent muscle, or sciatica.

– Legs, hands, arms, or groin feels weak, numb, or tingling. This means there are abnormalities in the nerves that require immediate treatment.

– Urine mixed with blood, possibly a sign of kidney stones. Kidney stones can cause sharp right back or left back pain, especially during urination.

– Bladder or bowel problems. This indicates a serious problem called the cauda equina syndrome, a rare disorder that affects the nerve collection at the base of the spine. This condition requires emergency medical care.

– Fall or back injury before and after the back pain of right or left appears.

– Against fever,, painful sensation during urination, or frequent urination. It may be a sign of spinal cord infection, disc infection, pelvic infection, or bladder infections.

Back pain on the right or left can be treated by a general practitioner to a neurologist and musculoskeletal system. But keep in mind that the presence of fever accompanied by back pain both right and left back pain accompanied by symptoms mentioned earlier is a symptom to watch out for.

If you have right or left back pain, it is advisable to see a general practitioner first. After review, the general practitioner can determine whether the back pain requires special treatment or not.