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These are the benefits of colocation that you can feel

As an internet user and want to get more opportunities on the internet, many people use web hosting for their various needs. if you also want it, then you can visit to get the best web hosting for yourself.

In a web hosting, there is a colocation. Maybe, you still rarely hear it, but if you use it, then there are several benefits you can get.

1. The biggest advantage is the cost of bandwidth around $ 150- $ 200. A single server that costs the same can be placed in a colocation facility that provides high bandwidth speed and good redundancy for network connections. You can save a large amount if it is the only network access.

2. Colocation facilities have good blackout protection. The backup generator is still not enough to keep the server all the time. For this reason, the website will be reduced during blackouts. Colocation providers will pay for electricity and electricity backup so that the server remains protected.